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MOT Testing South Molton

TGB Automotive offer full service MOT tests, with a complementary retest within ten days in the event of your car failing the MOT.

We have an onsite MOT testing centre and offer class 4-7 MOTs. Our technicians are honest and provide a professional and efficient service at competitive prices. To book an MOT in South Molton, call us now on 01769 574837 or visit our garage.

MOTs are a legal requirement for vehicles older than three years. The test checks your vehicle meets road safety and environmental impact, ensuring it is safe for you and other users to use.

What Does An MOT Test Include?

MOT tests are in line with DVLA safety regulations and check a number of components. It is to be noted that just because your car has a valid MOT certificate, it may not be road worthy.

For example, your car tyres can wear down to past the point of legal limit between yearly MOT tests.

MOT testing includes, but is not limited to, the following checks:

  • Brakes and brake pads – to determine legal stopping distance
  • Battery & Electric Wring – ensuring all lights have power and safety warnings, amongst other reasons
  • Registration plates – this must be visible and free of excessive dirt or mud. Certain fonts, colours are illegal and can cause your car to fail
  • Horn function – we test your car horn to determine you can still warn road users in an emergency
  • Doors, Boots & Bonnet – all moving parts work efficiently and safely, free of rust and with acceptable sealants
  • Condition of bodywork – the body work is generally rust free and free of damage to safety functionality
  • Entire exhaust system – your exhaust system is checked for rust and general safety
  • Emissions levels – checking your cars emissions levels are within the legal limit
  • Fuel systems – fuel safely travels through your car and doesn’t leak
  • Mirrors – free of cracks and damage
  • Seat belt and seats – seat belts are checked as part of yours and any passengers safety in the event of a collision
  • Suspension – all components of the suspension are working correctly, safely and free of corrosion
  • Steering rack – checked for rust and strength
  • Wheel and tyres – legal tread remaining and overall wheel strength
  • Windscreen – largely free of cracks and chips which impair visibility
  • Window wipers – efficiently remove rain water and cleaning solution from your windscreen
  • Window washers – ensure water doesn’t leak and has sufficient levels
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MOT Preparation

If you are concerned that your car may fail the test, then why not ask us about our MOT preparation services? We can offer advice on the work that needs to be done so that your car passes the test the first time. We can also offer free quotations so you can be sure the repairs will be worth it.

What if My Vehicle Fails the MOT?

If your vehicle fails the MOT, we can offer free retesting within 10 days from the test. Our fully trained technicians strive to offer the best services at the best prices, and we can recommend affordable vehicle repairs so that your car passes on the retest. During the MOT, we will never complete any work without your prior consent, and our team will keep you updated if your car needs work to pass the test.

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What if My Vehicle Fails the MOT?

The MOT (minister of transport) test is used to guarantee that all automobiles on the road are safe to drive. The test entails inspecting various components of your vehicle for wear and tear and recommending any repairs that may be required.

Yes, if the MOT on your car has expired or failed, it is no longer safe to drive on the road. This can result in significant criminal charges and, in certain situations, unintentional collisions. It’s usually a good idea to have your automobile tested on schedule every year.

On the GOV.uk website, you can find out when your MOT is due. Your vehicle’s MOT is needed once a year, but it may be done sooner; contact us for more information.

An MOT does not have a set length of time in which it must be completed. It is influenced by a variety of factors. An inspection would take 45-60 minutes to complete. This is conditional on the automobile passing. However, there’s still a chance your car will fail the check.

The brakes, fuel system, lighting, seatbelts, windshield wipers, and other major components of your vehicle are all inspected during a MOT. Contact us at
01769 574837 to learn more about our MOT examinations.

Book MOT Test

To book your MOT test in South Molton and North Devon, please call TGB Automotive on 01769 574837. We can arrange for your vehicle to be booked in at a time and date to suit your specific needs.

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