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Mileage Correction South Molton

We can perform mileage correction in South Molton for clients that need to correct their vehicle’s mileage reading. This can be necessary when their vehicle has been fitted with second-hand electrical parts that display the reading of the donor car. To find out more information or to arrange a free quote, please get in touch.

What is Mileage Correction?

Mileage correction may be required if your vehicle’s instrument cluster or body control module has become faulty or has been replaced with a second-hand part from a used donor vehicle. The purpose of correcting the mileage on the odometer is to reflect the true mileage of the vehicle.

digital odometer

How We Can Help with Odometer Correction

Here at TGB Automotive, we specialise in diagnostic work to dealer level. Over the years as cars have become more complex we have noticed that new replacement parts are becoming more expensive. Furthermore, some new replacement parts are not available to buy for older vehicles. Having had this conversation with several of our customers, we have decided to start sourcing and fitting second-hand electrical parts for vehicles, to fix faults such as instrument clusters and body control modules.

Most Garages are capable of doing this but often the mileage that is stored in the previous donor vehicle and shows up as incorrect and/or corrupts other electrical components when fitted. As MOTs and digital service records are logged online, mileage is the problem we come across when fitting these second-hand electrical parts. Therefore, we have invested in the latest technology available to be able to correct mileage on any vehicle. We can save our customers money by giving them the option of using second-hand replacement parts. These can be sourced for a fraction of the price compared to buying new.

Is Mileage Adjustment Illegal?

It is not illegal to adjust a vehicle’s odometer to show the true mileage of the vehicle in question. As you can imagine, if you have a second-hand instrument cluster fitted that has inherited the high mileage from the donor vehicle, this could devalue your car if it was not corrected to the true reading for your vehicle. As a result, mileage adjustment is permitted for such practices. However, it is illegal to clock a vehicle’s mileage to present a lower reading in order to mislead a buyer. These days mileage is recorded on servicing schedules and MOTs. Therefore, it will be easy to see if the odometer has been fraudulently clocked.

odometer clocking over on mileage

Mileage Correction Near Me

If you are searching for a reputable garage to perform mileage correction near South Molton or North Devon, contact us. Our experienced technicians provide expert advice and can provide used replacement parts and odometer correction at competitive prices.

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