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Four Wheel Alignment South Molton

Four wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the position of each wheel. The process maximises the performance and longevity of tyres, creates a more stable drive and makes your car safer. This service is suitable for all wheel drive cars with independent suspension. This is also known as 3d wheel alignment and is a very precise and advanced method to balancing tyres. 

We are a professional car servicing garage in South Molton North Devon. Located in a convenient location for drivers from Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton and Tiverton. As a car garage, we have invested in greatly in top of the range equipment and training to deliver an unbeatable four service.

How Can I tell If My Car Needs Four Wheel Alignment?

If when driving you experience vibrations, feel the turning is light or the car doesn’t quite line up with the centre point of your steering wheel you should get your vehicle checked to see if you need wheel alignment. Ignoring this could lead to further damage, leave you needing to replace parts, and makes your driving more dangerous.

Experts predict that up to 75% of vehicles on the road have misaligned wheels. Once you know what signs to look for, it is usually quite easy to diagnose a problem with the alignment. Your wheels may have become misaligned for many reasons such as hitting a curb or driving through a pothole in the road. For ease of reference, please see a list of common signs:

  • Your steering wheel is noticeably off centre and this causes you to steer further either to the left or right when going around corners
  • The car vibrates at lower speeds or when going uphill
  • In more extreme cases your steering can feel loose
  • Squeaks and scraping noises can be heard when moving
  • You notice uneven wear or faster deterioration on your tyres
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3D Wheel Alignment

Our Bosch 3D wheel alignment enables our technicians to perform precise wheel alignment on all kinds of vehicles to the original manufacturer specifications.

This method of technology uses The Bosch FWA4630 which uses 12 onboard CCD cameras that produce an accurate 3D vision of your vehicle’s alignment to calculate measurements for each wheel, while the integrated system which features camber and inclination pendulums ensures perfect calibration.

Make no mistake, this is an exceptional piece of equipment and achieves fantastic results under hands of our professional engineers. We are one of the only garages in North Devon to offer this specialist service. We strive to offer the most competitive rates for all of our customers.

The Top Five Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is something that almost every car owner and driver has to do at some point or another. It is a relatively common issue but is thankfully easily fixed. The main benefits for getting the work done is:

  • Increased fuel efficiency. When your wheels aren’t perfectly aligned your car experiences unnecessary drag which increases the amount of fuel needed and ultimately costs your more to drive
  • Reduce the need for more expensive repairs. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away, in fact it can bring on the need for more expensive repair work
  • Experience smoother driving. One of he first things you’ll notice is the original smoothness and pleasure of driving your car returns
  • Improves vehicle safety. Alignment issues can make your car dangerous to drive/
  • Increase the Life of Your Tyres. Four wheel alignment reduces wear and tear.
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Four Wheel Tyre Alignment Booking

For more information about our wheel alignment in South Molton and North Devon, please speak to the experts at TGB Automotive. We offer professional and efficient services using the latest technology for precision accuracy at low prices.

To book your vehicle in, call us on 01769 574837 or visit our garage at Unit 3 Hacche Lane Business Park, Pathfields, South Molton EX36 3JB.

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