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Car Diagnostics South Molton

Car diagnostics are a crucial part of modern servicing and car repairs. TGB Automotive have invested in leading car diagnostics tools in order to fix technical and electrical faults with cars. We are amongst the most equipped and capable garages in North Devon, offering a full car diagnostics test for all car manufacturers and models.

Our skilled mechanics have years of experience and have been trained to the highest standards, ensuring you get the best possible service. As a Bosch Car Service approved garage, we offer high-quality diagnostics performed by our fully qualified IMI Master Technicians.

Using the latest diagnostics equipment and up to date training, we can diagnose faults on all makes and model of vehicle and recommend affordable repairs. To book your vehicle in, call us now on 01769 574837.

What is a Car Diagnostics Test?

A vehicle diagnostic test uses specialist equipment to read data on your vehicle’s control units. All modern vehicles have several control units fitted. Normally, if there is a problem with the vehicle, the lights on the dash will light up indicating a fault.

If you notice unexpected lights on the dash, we recommend bringing your vehicle to us as soon as possible for a check-up. Our technicians can perform a vehicle diagnostic check and recommend suitable and affordable repairs before the problem deteriorates further.

Modern car design are increasingly intelligent and require a greater amount of computer technology. This transformation of design has changed how mechanics work on cars and the tools required to do so.

The full diagnostic check determines your vehicles health. This includes checking the engine, exhaust system, full transmissions, the oil tank, throttle response, ignition and the fuse panel.

In total the time taken to complete the test should be an hour to an hour and a half. If complex issues arise, a test can be as long as three hours. The time may increase more if we do have a specific part in stock.

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Benefits of Engine Diagnostics

  • Available for all makes and models of modern vehicles
  • Diagnoses problems fast and with precision and can save time and money
  • Diagnosing problems early means the fault can be repaired before it gets worse. As a result, this can save you money, as if the fault was left to deteriorate further the repair bills can become more expensive
  • More cost-effective than traditional visual inspections


We are committed to becoming the leading car garage in North Devon. Our services are designed to make your life easy.

You can leave your car with us throughout the day whilst you’re at work and we can update you on progress. Our skilled mechanics have the knowledge to work on all car makes and models using the latest equipment.

Diagnoses problems fast and with precision and can save time and money. Preventing the need for more expensive and extensive car repair work. Based in South Molton, we are in the perfect location for residents of North Devon including Barnstaple, Braunton and Bideford.

Car Diagnostic Tests & Prices

TGB Automotive are proud to offer full car diagnostic work for manufacturers and models. If you would like to book, please give us a call on 01769 574837, email info@tgbautomotive.com or send an enquiry through the contact form.

A car diagnostics test can show us if your vehicle has issues with its engine. Particularly with technical, emissions or electrical, which are far harder to spot, isolate or trace during visual inspections. These type of tests are great as they can help spot issues early on, identify excessive or dangerous levels of emissions, ignition coils or oil tanks. Once completed we can give you a full report which will contain any issues. Our skilled team of car mechanics are able to fix problems the test shows up.   

As a business, we have invested a substantial amount into exceptionally high quality diagnostic machines which accurately diagnose electrical, emission or technical problems your car may have. Our equipment completes multiple tests in a strategic and pre planned order. Checking most likely cause of problems to begin with before moving on to identify issues elsewhere.

The time taken to complete a diagnostics test is very much dependent on the problems your car may have. Ordinarily tests can take anywhere between two to three hours, but some will take longer than that. In regards to fixing your car, time taken will fluctuate depending on the type of amount of work needed. We are happy to offer free no obligation quotes for any work required after the diagnostics test is complete.

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